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A place where great adventures begin! Ideas for a little discoverer’s room.

Kid’s room – all the great adventures of your child start here. If you take care of creative and inspiring arrangements that will encourage small conquerors to great discoveries! If you remember of the subdued colors, natural fabrics and traditional finishes, you will create a cozy but tasteful room in a vintage style. We show […]

Swings in children’s room – inspirations from Cozydots

You say: swing, you think: fun! There is no more fun for a child than a swing. A swing in a children’s room is a dream for every child. Time for a swing madness from Cozydots! Enjoy a handful of inspiration from us! Modern swings for a children’s room Modern swings are not only a […]

A small workshop creating unique products for children

Cozydots is a small workshop creating unique products for children. Our teepee tents, canopies, pillows and swings are created by hand. Away from great halls, machines and automation of the manufacturing process. All our products are made with care and with attention to detail.  Above all – quality Our products, which are all the result of […]

Teepee tents in kids’ rooms and a discount from Cozydots!

Today teepee has become a tent for children’s play at home, as well as in the garden or on the beach. Wigwam is an idea for great fun and a beautiful addition to children’s interiors. Not everyone though knows its history, which dates back to the nineteenth century and the prairies of North America, where […]

tipi black deer aranżacja

Black and white nursery or toddler room inspiration!

The trend for black and white arrangements of the children’s room has become very fashionable a few years ago and continues to enjoy unflagging popularity to this day. Black and white accessories perfectly match the Scandinavian style. This expressive duo of colors fits well with gray, pastel (especially mint and blue), raw wood and mustard. […]

Canopies in the child’s room – inspirations

The canopy is magical! It charms the space – it creates the world of fairy tales, activates children’s imagination, gives charm and allows to hide safely from the world. The tent can be hung over a cradle, a bed of a girl or a boy, and independently – hung over the mat or blanket to create […]

COZYDOTS – a short story of our brand

Have you ever wondered how a teepee is made? Did you think about the workshop, the process of material selection, and the production of sticks? Do you know where it comes from? And who creates it? We invite you to read a short story about us – about Cozydots, a brand that we create for […]

Pre-spring new products from Cozydots

Spring seems to be far ahead of us, therefore, with more joy we present to you the first part of our spring and pastel novelties – decorative pillows and canopies. We keep them in a calm color tone to fit any interior. They are perfect for both girls and boys, and they will also work […]

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