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A place where great adventures begin! Ideas for a little discoverer’s room.

Kid’s room – all the great adventures of your child start here. If you take care of creative and inspiring arrangements that will encourage small conquerors to great discoveries! If you remember of the subdued colors, natural fabrics and traditional finishes, you will create a cozy but tasteful room in a vintage style. We show how to create a little world inspired by movies about adventurers.

Traditional tipi with fringes

The classic teepee tent made of beige cotton canvas was taken straight from the traditional Native American design. A simple Owl model with brown fringes, Tomahawk or Arrow finished with a fabric with an Indian print or contrasting model Black, perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the American Gold Rush from the early 20th century.

A Black Series tent was used in the session.

Oriental teepee with tassels

The color scheme of the little traveler’s room should be a mix of natural beiges and browns that resemble raw canvas and cowboy leathers. But don’t forget that adventures are also an oriental journeys straight out of Indiana Jones movies! We can choose a teepee tent for the child’s room with a delicate touch of color and traditional decorations, such as tassels. But remember – the intensive color can’t dominate the desert tones of the cotton canvas from which the tent is made. Our wigwam’s models Cactus, White, and even Boho White will be perfect!

Colorful garlands ideal for decorating the room of a small explorer:

  • Turquoise muslin pennants 200cm Turquise
  • black garland with Honey Tassels
  • garland with Boho weeds in the following colours: honey, black, sea green, burgundy, bottle green
  • muslin garland in autumn colours 300 cm – Cozy Autumn

Anti-allergic muslin cushions with soft star-shaped filling, available in six colours.

You can create this amazing atmosphere in your child’s room by adding a throw pillows – stars, clouds or fringed pillows. The walls are a perfect background for colorful garlands. You can combine styles and colors creatively, remembering one – to be inspiring and with a pinch of travel madness!

Large muslin cushions, decorated with weeds in colors: turquoise, honey, berry.

Colors taken from nature

The color palette in vintage style should be as close to nature as possible. In Cozydots, we focused on the contrasting combination of a honey shade and blue indigo. Accessories in these colors move our imagination to the sun-scorched desert soil, endless prairie areas and long rivers, deep lakes and the night sky. Who already wants to pack a backpack and go on an exciting journey through the Wild West?

Ahoy adventure!

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