A small workshop creating unique products for children

Cozydots is a small workshop creating unique products for children. Our teepee tents, canopies, pillows and swings are created by hand. Away from great halls, machines and automation of the manufacturing process. All our products are made with care and with attention to detail. 

Above all – quality

Our products, which are all the result of the work of the hands, are refined in the smallest details. At the design stage, several versions are created and tested, so that the final product is perfect. Quality means also a selection of fabrics of the best quality – with the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate and CE approval, which guarantees safety for the youngest users. The creators of the brand search for the best fabrics throughout Europe to provide their clients with a unique design.


Handicraft is usually the implementation of an idea for something that could not be found in the store. Behind such a product stands the desire to create something unique, original and beautiful, which will be different from mass-produced things. Manual production of wigwams, cushions, hanging tents and swings makes each of them slightly different from the others. However, this does not mean a decrease in the quality of the assortment offered. Manual production requires special supervision and checking at every stage of the creative process, whether the item meets the requirements of the creators. Handicraft means passion and commitment – every product is made with the heart.


Unique design and beauty

The handicraft is also characterized by original and unique design and the beauty of the manufactured products. In Cozydots we believe that what kind of objects we surround children with from an early age affects their development. This is not just about a very important sense of aesthetics, but also about building consumer awareness and caring for the environment in which we live.

Why is it worth investing in handmade?

Cozydots cares about the natural environment – our studio uses only renewable energy sources. From the very beginning it was also important for us to create a friendly work environment. Our approach has been appreciated by hundreds of satisfied customers. It gives us energy for further work. We strive to constantly expand our assortment and improve the functionality of our products.

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