Canopies in the child’s room – inspirations

The canopy is magical! It charms the space – it creates the world of fairy tales, activates children’s imagination, gives charm and allows to hide safely from the world. The tent can be hung over a cradle, a bed of a girl or a boy, and independently – hung over the mat or blanket to create the perfect play corner. In the summer, you can take it to the garden and hang on a tree branch. It is also incredibly practical – you can easily take it off and wash it!

Canopies over the cradle and a children’s bed

The most popular way to arrange children’s space is to hang a canopy over a cradle or bed. It gets cozier right away! The hanging tent will decorate the sleeping corner and provide children with a sense of security.

Canopy as a decoration of children’s room

A tent hanged alone in a children’s room is another idea for arranging the interior. It is enough to put a mat or blanket and pillows on the ground and create the best hideout under the sun, a palace for the princess or a magical place to rest, play and read books, preferably together with parents.

Not just for a girl

Canopies will also enchant the boys’ rooms and conquer the hearts of little men. They can finally be not only in delicate shades, but also very expressive. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

All canopies from Cozydots: HERE.

First and second to last photo: Justyna Szafran Fotografia dla Małgorzaty Bezubik.

Photo credits: Kasia Love Fotografia

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