Teepee tents in kids’ rooms and a discount from Cozydots!

Today teepee has become a tent for children’s play at home, as well as in the garden or on the beach. Wigwam is an idea for great fun and a beautiful addition to children’s interiors. Not everyone though knows its history, which dates back to the nineteenth century and the prairies of North America, where Indians lived. Teepee was a place to live for the Indians – their home and a safe place to rest. Nowadays it plays such a role in children’s rooms

Teepees created in our workshop do not resemble those made of buffalo skins by Indians, which were based on the construction of a tripod and were supported even by several dozen of clubs. Tents from Cozydots are primarily for fun and are fashionable and beautiful elements of children’s room decoration. Teepee tent is an ideal place for family funtime, reading bedtime stories and even a place for a short nap – it is a place to rest and hide from the world.

Everyone wants to be an Indian

Tipi tents are perfect to develop creative thinking. They can become a princess’ palace, a military base, a dragon’s cave or a great hideout and of course a tent of Indians in which you can carry an adventurous spike. Beautiful and unique wigwams are a great way to have a lot of fun and develop. In the tent, you can put a paymat, pillows and other items that will make it even more cozy and safe.

“When the child laughs, the whole world laughs” Janusz Korczak

Multifunctionality of the tent

Tipi has many uses – it’s a toy, a piece of furniture and a decorative element of any interior. An Indian tent fits into any space – not only a child’s room, it will also work in the living room, on the terrace or in the garden, and thanks to the many available colors and patterns, it can be adapted to the room’s furnishings and ensure a coherent arrangement of children’s space. Teepee is also universal – it will provide a safe space and will be a source of a great fun for younger and older children, boys and girls, as well as for their parents.

Take your teepee wherever you want

Each tent has a bag, so you can transport and store it without any problems. Tipi is fun for many years and for all generations. It is also worth remembering that the tipi is portable – it can easily be folded (tents from Cozydots have folding sticks, which siplifises their transport) and can be hidden or moved to any place.

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